Our Office

Our home, in beautiful Akron, Ohio

Welcome to PEG’s creative studio

As a group of hardworking creatives, we take a lot of pride in our office and work environment. It’s more than just a workplace – it’s our hub, our headquarters and our home. In August of 2013, we moved into a new office in the heart of downtown. We designed the space to foster creativity and collaboration between our team members and clients with modern amenities like floor-to-ceiling windows, a full kitchen and a lounge. We quickly outgrew that first  office and had to relocate. Fortunately we didn’t have to go far. We found a beautiful, historic building across the street with three gorgeous floors and huge windows. We renovated and updated the space to fit our modern tech needs, while keeping the characteristics that we love about old buildings – exposed brick, wood floors and an original tin ceiling. We have a floor for clients, a production/creative floor and a floor for project and business management. Stop by and check out the space and make sure to check out our favorite deli, located right next door.

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