Our Story

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Behind every great project is a great story

We were founded by two brothers, Ryan and Jeffrey Pritt, in 2008. Both had a passion for production, entertainment, marketing and sports. Combining their shared passions, they started working with several sports teams across Northeast Ohio, offering services ranging from video, animation and graphic design, to live game and event production. As word began spreading about the quality of our work, more and more teams turned to us to help connect with their audience and enhance their game day experiences. All the while, we continued to add to our own team, and expanded our services along the way. Today, we have a growing client base that consists of both professional and college teams from all over the United States. We are constantly innovating, adding new and exciting capabilities and are creating more attention-grabbing pieces than you can shake a stick at…if that’s a thing you do.

What’s in our secret sauce

What makes us special? Well, as we mentioned, we think one of the biggest parts of our company’s story that sets us apart is that we got our start in the wide world of sports. As we evolved over the years, we realized that the results we got for our clients were a direct result of taking the principles that we learned in those early years of working in sports, and translating those into everything we do. You see, nearly every piece of content that is created for a live sports environment is built to elicit an immediate reaction. That might be an animation intended to get fans to stand up and cheer, a video that gives them chills, or a graphic to get them to purchase tickets or want to learn more about a sponsor’s brand. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to grab the attention of people’s ever-shrinking attention spans. You have to draw them into any piece you make and hook them immediately. Thanks to our background, we specialize in pieces that make people take notice. That mindset is a part of everything that we create, and time after time has gotten incredible results for our clients.

Where you’ll find us

Since day one, our headquarters have been based in Ohio. When we started back in 2008, as is the case with many new businesses, our “office” was in one of Ryan’s spare bedrooms. We’ve been fortunate to grow and expand since then, though mid-day naps are now much more inconvenient. In 2013, we moved our offices to downtown. We loved it so much that just three short years later, when we were continuing to grow and were out of space, we moved our headquarters right across the street, renovating and restoring a beautiful 100+ year old, three-story building. With a whole building now to ourselves, our team has a place that we’re proud to call home. Want to check out our space and learn more about our story? Contact us and we’d be happy to show you around.

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