Gear Up with PEG: Sachtler Tripods

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In this episode of Gear Up with PEG, Andrew and Ryan discuss the origins of the word “tripod” and talk about why our Sachtler Tripods are our go-to for almost every video shoot.

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Video Transcript

Ryan: What’s going on, everybody? Gear Up with PEG returns. Ryan and Andrew here and we are talking about some of the gear today. Andrew, what is our topic and what do we got here?

Andrew: We’re starting to talk about here today is tripods. And I think the first thing when we talk about tripod is to really dive in to the meaning of a tripod. Obviously, tri meaning three and then, Ryan, do you happen to know what pod means?

Ryan: Podcast?

Andrew: Not exactly. Pod comes from, of course, having a foot. So, essentially,

what the tripods definition is one that has three feet. As Ryan said – one, two and three.

Ryan: Very nice now these are very high-end tripods. We have I believe 11 total tripods. What makes this specific brand and type of tripod so special?

Andrew: So, this is our go-to tripod. You’re gonna see this with us out in the field a lot of times. Even if it’s going to be something that we’re gonna be doing primarily shoulder, we love just to have this tripod on with us on shoots, just so we have the option. So, one of the big things is, of course, our fluid head which is this piece of the of the tripod right here. You’ll see these dials right on the side and kind of it just gives you a lot of control when moving it around, so you can have something that’s very smooth at a lot of different speeds. So, something like this you can move around really fast, you know, if you’re trying to capture something like sports that’s going around real fast or you can put it all the way to the top and you know you have something that’s very smooth and very slow there.

Ryan: Now people probably don’t realize how important a good tripod is to a good shoot, do they?

Andrew: Oh, absolutely not. I mean if you have, you know, if you went to Best Buy for instance you got a tripod, something that didn’t weigh, you know, the right, you know, the right amount it’s not gonna hold your camera properly. It’s not gonna stay sturdy, you know. I’m moving this around with a decent amount of force and it’s staying steady. So, if you’re doing something like event coverage and you’re on a stage and there’s a lot of people running around in constant movement this isn’t going to bounce around and potentially ruin your shot because, of course, last thing you want is a tripod shot where the viewer doesn’t actually even know that it was on a tripod.

Ryan: The Sachtler video tripods we have here these are pretty top-of-the-line, aren’t they?

Andrew: Yeah, this is a fantastic name. Anybody who’s familiar with video knows the name Sachtler.

Ryan: It’s a great piece of a great shoot. You can find out more about all our gear Also, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Are we on Tinder?

Andrew: Not yet. But there is, uh, I have an Instagram dedicated to just pictures of Josh Kuss with dogs for the lucky viewers who can find that out there.

Ryan: That’s also a great account be sure to hunt that one down. I don’t if that’s an officially sanctioned PEG account.

Andrew: He doesn’t mind it.

Ryan: Well that’s all that matters. This has been Gear Up. Find that account. If you do, post on our Facebook wall or something, I’d like to see it myself. We’ll see you next time.


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