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Well, today is finally the big day! We are officially all moved into our new offices in downtown Akron’s Entertainment District. It’s been a busy couple months of planning, construction, ordering furniture, office supplies, etc. but everything is finally complete and ready to go.

As some of you may know, we are nearing our company’s fifth anniversary. For four of those first five years we have called Akron, Ohio our home. We considered a lot of different locations and options over the last couple of years as we scouted locations for our new offices. After looking at a ton of different buildings though, we kept coming back to wanting to be in Akron. Specifically, in downtown. The city has gone through quite a bit of changes since I graduated from UA back in 2008.  To go back even a few more years, it’s tough to even recognize parts of the city from when I started going to college here in 2004.

It’s an exciting time for Akron and we’re excited to be relocating our offices to the part of downtown that has seen the most dramatic changes over the last decade. As we continue to grow, we plan to establish these offices as downtown’s headquarters for creativity.

Our team works hard. There’s no doubt about it. So we wanted the space to feel less like a standard work environment and more a place where people are just having fun, collaborating and being inspired to create.  This means things like an open work area instead of private offices, a lounge with couches and flat-screen TV instead of  formal conference room, bean bags for guests instead of boring chairs, a full kitchen stocked with food and drinks instead of vending machines and water coolers, a shower for our team members so that they can work out or go for a run to reinvigorate themselves during the workday, etc.

So today begins an exciting new chapter for us as a company. We’re so grateful for your support over the years in helping us get to this point. Stop by and say hi. We’d love to show you around our new home.

Keep creating!



PEG Office Unveiling Video – Our Home.:

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