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Projects that we are particularly proud of

Whether it's through video or animation, we love creating cool pieces that bring teams to life. Here are a few examples of how we've done it.

Vegas Golden Knights 2018-2019 Intro Video

Cleveland Cavaliers/Papa John’s #IAMCLE – Mike Gansey

Vegas Golden Knights 2018 Intro Video

Cleveland Cavaliers/Papa John’s #IAMCLE – Gary Mills

UC Irvine Basketball 2014-15 Intro Video

Giant Eagle Healthy Recipes Videos

Cleveland Cavaliers/Papa John’s #IAMCLE – Kendall Chones

Vegas Golden Knights 2018 Teaser Video

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Playoff Tip-Off Video

FirstEnergy Akron Marathon Highlight Video

NCAA Wrestling Tournament Cleveland Neighborhoods Videos

Cleveland Cavaliers/Papa John’s #IAMCLE – Nate Crowe

The Brew Kettle Game Day Brew Hacks Video

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