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Videos Are Becoming Increasingly Important For Marketing a Brand

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Think about the last time you watched a short video on a company’s website. Did you feel more connected to the company? More willing to trust and support them or buy their products? Were you relieved to watch two minutes of visually stimulating material vs read 10 minutes of text?

10 Questions To Start A Video

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Videos are one of the highest rated interactions on the web these days. And it’s no wonder, really. We all spend so much time with a screen that it’s nice to have something a little more human, a little more engaging … like a video.

16 Reasons #WhyVideo for 2016

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As we ease our way into 2016, the blogosphere is riddled with backwards looks and future predictions about marketing and business. Video is a constant theme this January, even more than ever before. On Twitter (@PrittEntGroup) last week, we posted a blog entry and a number of facts and stats on #WhyVideo. It is fascinating to see how quickly this form of marketing is growing and attracting businesses and consumers alike.

Reach Your Audience Using Corporate Video

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No matter what business you are in, one of the central goals of your brand’s communications strategy is likely to better reach and engage your target audience. That audience might be your current employees, job candidates, prospective customers, or possible donors. One of the most effective ways of engaging and making a lasting impression on you target audience is through video, which of course, is our specialty at PEG.

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