Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Draft Content

Our team was able to help the NHL’s newest franchise showcase their unique brand of entertainment for the first time at The NHL Awards Show and Expansion Draft

2018 Akron ADDY Award

Gold - Site; Large Venue; Single


  • Create in-game-style Vegas Golden Knights video board content for the NHL Awards Show and Expansion Draft
  • Provide content that would allow the team to create an entertaining, engaging and exciting experience for event attendees
  • Help launch the new franchise and set the tone for the inaugural season


  • All graphics and animations completed before NHL Awards Show and Expansion Draft
  • Graphics on all size boards throughout the arena had to work together to make a cohesive in-arena experience



Since the Vegas Golden Knights were a brand-new franchise, a set visual approach had not yet been established. The initial concept phase involved the creation of several sets of storyboards to be sent to the client. Creating multiple storyboards with examples of different graphic styles allowed decisions about look and feel to be made before the animations were started.

Our team in Akron worked very closely with the Vegas Golden Knights team to be sure that we were providing them with exactly what they needed, not only for the night of the Expansion Draft, but also to help create the a full in-game experience and launch the Golden Knights franchise in the best and most exciting way possible. There was a lot of back and forth collaboration between our team in Akron and the team in Las Vegas, and in the end, an exciting, cohesive and one-of-a-kind look for this brand-new team was born!

Concept Deck Cover Page

The initial concept phase involved the creation of several sets of storyboards to be sent to the client.



The team was facing two main challenges in the creation of the graphics and animations for the NHL Awards Show and Expansion Draft – an event that was only two weeks away!

The first was that there were 58 different animations and graphics that had to be created. The team was building everything from graphics packages to logo animations to fan cams. All the elements needed to entertain and excite the crowd between on-stage moments at the show.

The second was that we were starting from scratch on everything. Working on so many individual elements at the same time takes teamwork and collaboration to make sure all the elements have cohesion and unity. The production team was modeling things in 3D that had never been done before and they all had to match each other.  All the graphics had to help build on the excitement of the event, and also help reinforce the newly established Golden Knights brand.

These two challenges created a need for an all-hands-on-deck approach and almost 14 days of an around-the-clock production schedule to pull it off in time.

It would not have been possible without the help of the Golden Knight team out in Las Vegas. We were in close contact with them throughout the two weeks leading up to the NHL Awards Show and Expansion Draft, even though our production was team across the country. Our team in Akron digitally sent through animations to the on-site team so they were able to test and give feedback on almost immediately.

A few days before the event, the PEG Team was on-location to participate in run-throughs, to double-check the animations and to make any last-minute edits that were necessary. The team was also involved in the event production itself to help ensure that all the content created for the boards executed as planned and to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

Live From The Control Room

The graphics package is all queued up and ready to go during the event.


The NHL Awards Show and Expansion Draft was a huge success. And it was clear the Vegas Golden Knights came of out the event draft-night winners, not only with the players they chose, but with the atmosphere and excitement they created amongst those in attendance.

There was anticipation and energy surrounding the launch of the Vegas Golden Knights team. It was the perfect combination of live event and real-game experience for the crowd, who was engaged and responsive all night. It was a unique sports experience that Vegas had never seen before. This event set the bar high for the NHL’s newest franchise.

Awards Show Recap Video

Our team captured all the action of the Expansion Draft on our RED Scarlet-W camera.

Vegas Golden Knights Logo Bail

The team's logo was prominently featured in animations that were used throughout the night.

Wheel Of Cams

The Wheel of Cams was one of the many "in-game" animations used to entertain the crowd.

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