Cleveland Cavaliers 2017 Playoff Tip-Off Video

We worked with the Cleveland Cavaliers to create a 40+ board immersive tip-off video experience that rocked the Q.


  • Develop an immersive, modern tipoff video that combines motion graphics with team highlights


  • Create corresponding elements for all 12 boards sizes
  • Incorporate pre-existing highlight footage


The Cleveland Cavaliers reached out to us looking for help with their playoff tip-off video because they knew we had the experience necessary to develop video for multiple board sizes. From LED ribbon boards with a 20:1 aspect ratio to center-hung scoreboards, we were confident we could create the videos and deliver the correct files needed for their arena’s audio-visual entertainment.

With the short timelines that come with playoff berths, we were able to jump in and provide the extra help their internal team needed during their playoff run. 

With their internal team focused on all the other pieces required for their show-stopping in-house entertainment, we were able to assist with a large time-consuming project.



Our team had our work cut out for us in terms of footage to choose for the final video. When LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith are part of the team, there are plenty of highlight-worthy clips to review.

Choosing the right footage might seem easy, but was a massive undertaking and given the tight timeline required to execute from start to finish. We made sure we used the right play at all the right moments – so the crowd was pumped and the Q was rocking.


Selection of Still Images from Cavs Highlight Reels



At the same time footage was being pulled, our animators worked tirelessly to create the complex tracking and animation work need to achieve the client’s desired look. Video files were brought into Premiere and then into After Effects, tweaked and perfected to seamlessly blend both the video and animation together. 

It was a challenge to have these two pieces of the puzzle happening simultaneously, but the tight turn around required all hands on deck.

Once the concept and initial main board elements were solidified, the team started on the corresponding graphics needed for the remaining boards in the arena. With a total of 12 different board sizes, the team used a variety of both animation and video elements to create a unified, but varied, look across the remaining 40+ boards.

It took some late nights at the office and plenty of hard work, but we are no stranger to playoff run timelines. (And it didn’t hurt that there was also a lot of northeast Ohio pride in developing playoff materials for the then reigning NBA champs.)


Even with the tremendous time crunch, we were able to finish the final pieces on time. In the end, the Cavaliers had a fast-paced, modern tipoff video unlike anything the arena had seen before. The complete set of boards created a completely immersive experience for the fans at the arena. 

We turned some heads and helped created a fan experience that kicked the playoffs with energy and excitement. 


Cavaliers 2017 Playoff Tip-off Video Main Board

All Boards Preview

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