Carolina Hurricanes Player Animations

We partnered with the team to provide a player animation that would embrace the brand and highlight the unstoppable force of the Hurricanes as they took the ice.


  • Create an “in-the-heart-of-the-storm” theme for the player animation that is equal parts visually engaging and future-use compatible.
  • Build hype around players with a high-energy animation style that fit the brand and design of the team.


  • Nine board sizes to fit various aspect ratios and frame sizes – for every player.
  • Animation had to be easy to update by their in-house creative team and customizable as new players join the team.



Before brainstorms, scripting, storyboards or animations began, our creative team communicated with the client so we could better know the Hurricanes brand, theme, messaging and goals for the season.

The main concepts revolved around the “hurricane” idea – high-energy and impactful, but without being too destructive or too negative.

We worked with their internal staff members to figure out exactly how we could give them not only high-quality, custom content, but something that they were easily able to step in and modify in the future. This way these headshots would be able to support the internal production team’s needs well into the season.

Storyboard Stills



To create these one-of-a-kind pieces, we utilized skills from nearly everyone on our team. This initial skyline, designed to mimic a city comparable to that of Raleigh, and billboard backgrounds were built using Maxon Cinema 4D. From there it was taken into Adobe After Effects where the billboard art for each individual player and rain effects were added.

Each player required nine board sizes for PNC Arena.

Although our team created the initial files for the beginning of the season, the files were created as templates that were handed off to the Hurricanes internal team to make changes during the season. That way they could easily change out players if needed as the roster changed.



Finalizing the videos provided the client a one-of-a-kind animation package that would not only light up the screens of PNC Arena, but electrify the crowd. With a brand as distinctive as the Hurricanes, it was crucial we refined the videos based on the feedback of the brand experts – the Carolina Hurricanes.

With key themes – like the “in-the-heart-of-the-storm” campaign – the team wanted a consistency in the look, but also animations that set the tone for the in-game content presented throughout every home game during the season.


After final edits and approvals, we provided the working files to the Hurricanes’ internal team so future roster spots could be easily inserted. With all animations approved, the new player headshot just had to be inserted and it would be ready to go – providing the client with a simple, agile solution that still retained the high-end production value an NHL team deserves.

In the end, the Carolina Hurricanes got custom animations unlike anything else at any other arena in the league. They were thrilled with the results and we were fired up to provide this custom solution to one of the hottest teams on the ice.

Final Main Board Animation

All Board Preview

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