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Project Manager

About Sarah Coffin D’Alessandro

Creativity makes up the fiber of my being, whether I'm working with people, visuals, organizing or words. My strengths are in organization, creative problem solving, and having an enthusiasm for hard work which, I think, can help build a great community!

Originally from the D.C. area, I've fallen in love with Northeast Ohio’s honesty, beauty and work ethic. My background is in the arts with an MA in arts management. I love working and learning with PEG, and I also really love hiking and ice cream.

Posts by Sarah Coffin D’Alessandro

Go Local: Lock 3 & 4

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The next in our Go Local series, just in time for nice weather, is Lock 3 and Lock 4. These are two fantastic parks just down the street from our office. They are a combination of spaces that make for a very unique part of our city. Lock 3 and 4 are old Canal locks that have been converted to public space.

Go Local: The Diamond Deli

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When you’re talking sandwiches, you should be talking: The Diamond Deli. These guys are our spirit animals. The causal, traditional, and unassuming deli atmosphere doesn’t leave you wondering what their specialty is: killer sandwiches and soups. They do these things and they do them well.

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