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My time spent creating is the only time I don’t think about anything else. Otherwise, I’m trying to take over the world one to-do list at a time or petting my dog. As a documentary storyteller by trade, I am naturally drawn to subcultures and their stories, but I like expanding my visual and general knowledge. At PEG, I get to be surrounded by talented people who help me learn and grow.

My best relationship is the one I have with food.

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Blog Post Image 7 Lessons for Creative Problem Solving Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Cleveland Video Production

7 Lessons for Creative Problem Solving

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Creative problem solving is easily one of the most important tools you should keep in your front pocket at all times in general. Moreover, it’s incredibly valuable when you’re on a shoot with a deadline, clients standing around, and talent waiting for your cue.   The first lesson in creative problem solving is… DON’T FREAK […]

Blog Post Featured Image Authentic Emotion vs. Fake Emotion Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Cleveland Video Production

Authentic Emotion Vs Fake Emotion In Videos

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Emotions play an important role in cultivating the bond between the brand of a company and the consumer. Emotions facilitate the messages they want the consumer to feel in order to increase awareness about their company. If the company executes the video well, people will remember their brand. Sometimes, however, if the execution is poor, […]

Blog Post Image HighArts Judging Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Video Production

My Judging Experience at The HighArts Festival

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And The Winner Is… “Eleana,” Kelli Fetter, Director of Engagement and Events at Downtown Akron Partnership, called out to the HighArts Festival crowd at the Akron Art Museum on October 7. It’s common to hear derivatives of my name or interesting mispronunciations. So common that I often go by my nickname instead. Confused, I looked […]

Blog Post Featured Image Science of Emotion in Video Akron Cleveland Video Production

The Science Behind Creating Emotion In Videos

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Videos are often created with emotion, to create emotion. Creating emotion in a video is part of something called atmospheric marketing, or the discipline of designing commercial spaces. Emotional design plays a role in expanding reach, influencing decision making and ultimately, drives action. With the right combination, triggered emotions create two main actions: sharing and […]

My Editing Playlist - Lain Thumb

My Editing Playlist

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The right playlist, based on how you currently feel or how you want to feel, can definitely affect an editor during the creative process. There have been studies done to prove this by curious people like us storytellers. For example, Kellogg School of Management professor Derek Rucker and three of his colleagues, Loran Nordgren, Li […]

Go Local: Chill Artisan Ice Cream

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In the spirit of the cold that will soon have us buried under a five-tall stack of blankets (unless you’re like me and have already hit that point), there’s a new-ish ice cream spot just down the street from PEG in the Historic Arts District of Akron, right next to Musica and Urban Eats on 21 Maiden Lane.

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