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I like to think that a career in video production picked me and not the other way around. I am obsessed with all media content, regardless of its relevance. I spend countless hours watching movies, sitcoms, news broadcasts, reality shows, YouTube, and of course, the pinnacle of modern day storytelling, WWE, in attempt to be inspired by new techniques and advances in technology.

I believe that sleep is for people who don’t have any videos to edit, and that a good cup of tea can change the world.

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Going From “Why Video?” to “What Kind?”

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One of the most interesting, and most often, questions that gets brought up in our industry is “Why video?” I find it such an interesting question because I believe it is the wrong one to be asking. A simple Google search shows hundreds of unique statistics on visual learning and what impact a video can […]

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Predicting 2018 Social Media Video Trends

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When people look at the PEG website and our social media accounts they see members of our teams on location for a video shoot, in our office creating videos and animations, or running live events. There is one aspect of PEG that every team member actively participates in, but it isn’t visually that interesting, and […]

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What Makes The RED Great

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I love new video gear. There is something refreshing and inspiring about using a new piece of equipment to change the way we work on projects. Our new RED Scarlet-W has completely changed our work flow and results in a higher-end final product.  As a videographer and an editor, the RED Scarlet-W gives you so […]

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