My Creative Inspiration

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I’ve never really considered myself to be very creative. As an account manager here, my job isn’t centered around being the creative genius of the group. However, here at PEG, in just a short amount of time, I find myself diving in to projects and offering up suggestions just to “test the waters” and, turns out, the water isn’t too bad.

Aside from being around such a creative and talented group of people, one of the best ways to draw inspiration for me is to put myself into the client’s shoes and try to understand their needs from their perspective. Our team is great with offering ideas and creating concepts, but for me, getting in and truly understanding the client’s team and culture is what helps me draw the inspiration I need to help out in any way I can. When I take the time to learn about a client, I feel I can connect on a more personal level and deliver not only good service, but also a genuinely fantastic product (which is always guaranteed thanks our amazing creative team)!

I also draw inspiration from my interests. As the account manager for sports team clients, my work and interests happen to fall into the same category. Being a truly avid sports fan, this pairing is more of a dream come true than anything else. My love of all thing sports drives my creativity, making my passion the impetus that promotes learning and growth within this industry.

This kind of creativity is a different for me, but I believe we surprise ourselves when we step outside of our comfort zones and experience something new. It helps spark things we had no idea we even had the capacity for. (So far, I’m happy to report it’s going pretty well.) I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and develop my creativity here at PEG and deliver the best possible ideas to our clients!

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