Gear Up with PEG: IKAN LED Light Panels

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On this episode of Gear Up with PEG, Amanda explains how having good lighting on set, like with our LED Light Panels, makes a “night and day difference.”

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Video Transcript

Ryan: Blinded by the light… no wants to hear me sing. But we do have a light here. Amanda is also here. This is Gear Up with PEG. And Amanda, let’s get right into it. Tell us about this light and why these are so important on a shoot.

Amanda: Okay. So. this is one of our LED light panels. It’s from our light kit. We actually have a lot of them. This is a really important thing that we bring on all of our shoots because it’s essential for setting the scene. So, let’s say you were doing an intro video shoot, we can use this to create, like, really intense dramatic lighting or if we’re doing a corporate shoot we can have, like, nice, easy, even, clean lighting. So, the way we can adjust this is on the back, actually, so if I turn this on we have the ability to dim up and down. So, if we have multiple lights we can set them all for different brightness. So, we can, like I said, and control the scene. We also are able to control the color temperature, so we can make this anything from like really white, bright light to like orange if you want to like replicate like the sun or something like that

Ryan: I hear orange is really in right now…

Amanda: I see that. You’re rocking it. That’s for sure. So, another thing that makes these really awesome is we they can take AC power, or we can plug them into the wall if we need to or we can put these Anton Bauer batteries on there and it makes them really portable. So, we can… we’ve done dramatic shots with lighting, so, we can actually hold these and go like around somebody’s face and it gives a really cool effect. So, these are pretty cool, and these come on every single shoot with us.

Ryan: So, and not to make a lighting pun here, but when you say the difference between a shoot that does have good lighting like this and shoot that doesn’t… is it a night and day difference?

Amanda: It is a night and day difference. that is a fact. Oh also, I forgot to mention. So, we have this. This is also the soft box that we can put on here. So, this will diffuse the light, and if you want to help me because Teamwork makes the dream work. Ha-ha, you’re a pro. We can just put these on and this will diffuse the light, so we can do a lot of things with this.

Ryan: Very cool. It’s an important part of every shoot, lighting is. If you want to check out more of our gear – That’s where you can do so. Also, you can check out our social media accounts. Right, Amanda?

Amanda: Yes, you can. We are very active.

Ryan: Sometimes you see Amanda on our Instagram account. Some pictures, some blogs on Facebook and Twitter. It’s wildly exciting. Make sure you check it out. That’s all for this edition of Gear Up. We’ll talk to you next time.


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