Gear Up with PEG: JVC ENG Cameras

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In this episode of Gear Up with PEG, Jeffrey talks to Ryan about the versatility of our JVC ENG Cameras and why they are perfect for live streaming and live events.

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Video Transcript

Ryan: What’s happening, everybody? Here inside the PEG offices. Ryan, Jeffrey and the orange chairs are back out that can only mean that it is time for more Gear Up with PEG. And Jeffrey, we’ve got one of our JVC cameras here in the middle today. Now, we obviously have a Red, we have two Sony FS7s, we have DSLR cameras, and we’ve got four of these guys. When would you see these out on a shoot?

Jeffrey: The RED and the FS7s, those are great at more controlled environments. So, for example, if you’re shooting a commercial and you’re trying to run the same shot ten times and you’ve got a storyboard and you have actors and people watching preview monitors and you can run and run and run and run around the same scene over and over again, those are great for that. Where they’re not so great is when you’re doing something like a live production and you need to grab a lot of shots really quickly or if you need to do multi-camera or if you need to send somebody into the field. And say I got one person and I need you to cover a huge amount of things and I can’t really tell you what’s going to happen so be really, really flexible. That’s where these guys shine. They can cover a really broad range with a pretty small crew.

Ryan: So, some people probably would say well you’ve got, you know, those different types of cameras we talked about why do you need four of this type? What’s the biggest reason?

Jeffrey: Well, the biggest reason is these are used very typically for multi-camera usage. So, for example, if we were covering a corporate meeting or a sporting event, one camera doesn’t really cut it. Especially, you know, in the 2010s, people are expecting multi camera. That’s where these are great. You can put four of these into a switcher and have a nice multi-camera show where you have one camera in the back, maybe two of them built up a little smaller towards the front. We can even build up a fourth one of these as a wireless handheld camera that can rove and get crowd shots and people that are standing on mic, you know, doing questions for a Q&A. that’s where these are great. This guy right here is built up into more of a studio configuration. You see those two cables in the front, this big viewfinder up top that’s something you would see if they had it on a tripod that was getting like a shot of somebody on stage where this guy is in the back of a room. We could pull those two cables off the front, pull this viewfinder off and flip this little red lever here and very quickly go to a shoulder configuration. So, it’s really flexible.

Ryan: Now, when we talk about different types of live events and corporate events, one thing that these do which is kind of cool is they actually can stream which is pretty important, because of how big streaming is right now. Can you tell us a little bit how that works?

Jeffrey: Sure. So, live streaming is of course all the rage nowadays it’s almost become a standard and a lot of multi camera productions. Uh, while you can stream certainly an entire program signal of an event, where this guy can come in handy is for example if we were doing a corporate event all large corporate campus where there might be multiple events at the same time or a sporting event like a marathon where you’ve got all these checkpoints that some of them are five miles away well you can’t run it, you can’t run a cable of that, realistically. So, what you can do with something like this – it has a USB port built right into it. You can literally plug in what is essentially the same thing as you would get in – like you plug into your laptop at an airport a little wireless card -those can plug right into here and stream a signal back to a switcher. So, you could have somebody out in the field for a marathon, he’s watching runners go past checkpoint three or, whatever, five miles away it’s wirelessly going back into your program feed and going right into your production.

Ryan: Very cool. So, the JVC, a very versatile camera. We’ve got four of them like we said. That’s just one of the pieces of gear we have. For all the Gear Ups, Jeffery, if you could go to one website and only one what would be?

Jeffrey: My homepage nowadays is always

Ryan: I hear it’s one of the best sites on the entire internet. Also, you can check out our social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All kinds of fun stuff going on over there. We’ll be back soon. We’ll tell you some more about different types of gear we have here at PEG, but for now that’s all for this edition of Gear Up.

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