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One of the things I absolutely love about my job is the freedom and ability to listen to music while I’m working. In fact, it’s encouraged around here. I’ve worked in stuffy offices before where people would complain or give you MAJOR side eye if you were playing music quietly from your cubicle, so blasting your favorite song was definitely out of the question. However, here at PEG I have two extremely loud speakers on my desk, and co-workers who appreciate, share and encourage my obsession with Disney music. We actually have a thing called “Disney Fridays” where we take turns playing our favorite Disney hits! (And yes, Go the Distance gets played A LOT.) So, without further ado I present to a little overview of my own personal editing playlist.

I’ve found that I feel way more inspired and creative when I’m dancing in my seat versus when I have my music off. So, I did some research, and I found that it is scientifically proven that working to music allows you to enter the “mind-wandering mode”. A state that promotes creativity and a new way of thinking, which we as artistic people need to constantly create! So that’s pretty cool.

When I’m editing a video based piece, it’s not often that I get to listen to music at the same time. Listening for dialogue and editing audio levels kind of makes that impossible. When I’m animating or doing graphic design though, my music is always cranked up to 11 (Cliché Spinal Tap reference). My favorite things to listen to are my Discovery Weekly and New Music Friday playlists on Spotify. I’m constantly finding new songs and artists I like to add to my Starred playlist, which is currently 75 hours and 36 minutes long.

It’s hard to pinpoint one genre of music I listen to, because I literally listen to EVERYTHING. My playlist right now ranges from Rap, Country, Pop, R&B, Classical Piano, Movie Soundtracks, Mash-Ups, 80’s music, Trip-Hop, Bounce…you name it, I probably have it. Anything that gets me dancing like a geek in my seat is my go-to. Right now, I’m obsessed with Lemon by N.E.R.D. and Rihanna, Trigger Bang by Lily Allen, and I know this is random, but Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder has become my motivational theme song lately.

Going back to the science thing… if you’re looking for a scientifically-backed playlist to boost your creativity, here’s a short playlist by Spotify and Emma Gray, a clinical psychologist at the British CBT & Counseling Service. It’s full of upbeat songs with 50-80 beats per minute, which apparently is the magic number when it comes to getting into that coveted “mind-wandering mode.”

But if by chance you’re looking for a bunch of songs thrown together with no rhyme or reason, here’s a link to my own personal editing playlist on Spotify.

Happy listening, friends! Keep the music loud and those killer dance moves coming.

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