Gear Up with PEG: VR/360 Video Spherical Camera Platform

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On this episode of Gear Up with PEG, Josh shows off our Spherical Camera Platform and helps Ryan understand the difference between Virtual Reality and 360 Video.

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Video Transcript

Ryan: What’s going on? Another episode of Gear Up with PEG is here. I’m Ryan, this is Josh. He’s here in real life, but we’re talking about virtual reality and, Josh, you’ve got our VR rig here tell us a little about that guy.

Josh: So, this is our VR rig. It’s got seven GoPro cameras. They’re all inside of a 3D printed mount that points them all in different directions, so you can see I’ve got a top, a bottom and then I’ve got five along the sides. And what this does is it actually records in all those directions and we, in post, put it all together into a big VR image. So, it’s pretty cool.

Ryan: Now how’s the quality on that guy, video wise?

Josh: So, each one of these cameras can actually shoot up to 4k and, so, we can kind of control the quality with that and there’s a lot of, you know, tweaks we can that you can make in the cams to change your quality. So, we like to shoot these about 2.7K. So, that’s 7 times that so at the end of the day we can get an image over, you know, 8K then we can upload that to YouTube and we have a super high quality.

Ryan: Can there be too many Ks?

Josh: For YouTube, yes, but, you know, in our office I think, no.

Ryan: Awesome. Very cool. Now, tell us about some of the uses of that. I’ve got to imagine time-lapse is probably a pretty big one anything else?

Josh: So, event coverage is really cool for these. Like, if you had it at a concert or something along those lines. You get to see the whole crowd and the interactions on the stage and things like that. As you said, time lapses for big events, you know, that require a lot of setup and then teardown would look really cool on these, because as the viewer you are actually… you become the camera in post and you get to look around and see anything that the camera could see, which is everything. So, there’s a lot of good uses for these and I… I specifically like the idea of having it at like a concert or something cool like that. I think that would be really cool to have one of these at and film.

Ryan: Let’s talk about the setup, because obviously, you know, when you do a traditional big video shoot, you’ve got to bring in all kinds of lighting, you’ve got to bring in cameras, tripods, it can be a ton of bags. We fill our van routinely when we go out on shoots. What’s the setup like with that?

Josh: So, the setup for this is actually extremely easy. This wrist mount can go on to either our clamps or our light stands, or even just a straight threaded rod hang it from the ceiling. Or set it on the ground on a light stand and it’s done. You run power, you hit a button on the smart remote, it starts recording and you’re good to go. You actually can’t have you know the lighting setup that you would have in a studio or things like that without this rig seeing them. So, you keep it as simple as you can kind of nice makes a nice experience for the viewer, so that they’re not seeing all the lights or the cameras or the mics and all that stuff. So, it’s very simple you just see the entire room, no rigging or anything like that and you just set it right in the center hit record and you’re good to go.

Ryan: Now, I know one other thing you’re very passionate about, and he’s written a blog on this on PEG Insider – which is a great blog that everybody should check frequently and read on – is the difference between VR and 360 and even though we all call it VR, not everything is actually VR. Tell us what the difference is.

Josh: Well, that’s correct so VR is actually a space that you can move around in and interact with. So, it’s something like virtual – a virtual donut on a desk that I can pick up and throw around or whatever I want to play with. You can interact with the space. Whereas 360-video, is a video filmed in a 360 rig like ours that you can look around and choose your angle. So, typically as, you know, as the people shooting the video, we choose what the viewer sees and with this the viewer gets to choose what they see in any, you know, degree of our 360 space which is really cool.

Ryan: Can I choose the flavor of the virtual reality donut?

Josh: I hope – hopefully in the next few years we’ll have something as cool as that, but for now no you don’t get to choose the flavor.

Ryan: Disappointing, but it’s still a very cool rig. Josh, thanks for joining us. This has been Gear Up with PEG. More to come. Also, check out our website, you can find out all about our gear. Our social media page is really big as well. Josh, what’s your favorite PEG social accounts?

Josh: Our Twitter. We do a lot of fun things on there.

Ryan: Twitter is fun, the Instagram. Josh is in a lot of videos. Make sure you check them out on That’s where you can find them all.


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