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In this edition of Gear Up with PEG, Jeffrey gives a quick snapshot (see what we did there?) of why the Canon DSLR has always been a staple item in our gear closet.

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Video Transcript

Ryan: What’s going on? It’s time for Gear Up with PEG. Ryan over here, Jeffrey over there. And you know how you know it’s time for Gear Up, because we have some gear here next to us. This is one of our Canon DSLR cameras and, especially on photography projects, this is one of our mainstays. And Jeffrey, why is that?

Jeffrey: Sure. So, as you said this is one of Canon professional DSLR models. This is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to almost anything in photography world and the small format market. So, one thing we love about our RED camera is it’s a gold standard in video, this is the gold standard in photos. So, this is what you’ll see for good reason on pretty much any professional photography project. It takes the same lenses that we share oftentimes between our video and our stills cameras. We use a lot of canon’s l-series class. That just means it’s pretty much the highest end they make, and this can be used in a variety of photography situations, whether that’s grabbing a bunch of photos out in the field with a little quick light on top when you don’t have time to drag around big lighting set ups. Or on the flip side, if you’re doing something in the studio when you can have those traditional big strobes where you’re getting the exact right highlight on the back of a product this is good for all those scenarios.

Ryan: Now, I know one place that I see used a lot, especially for us, is product photos and why especially for product photography, things like, you might, see you know using a website and print materials things like that, why is it so good for that, specifically?

Jeffrey: So, especially for print you need massive photos and this is great for that. This has 25+ megapixel photos all that really means is when you’re putting it into a gigantic full-page print ad, you’re gonna have something where you’re not gonna get a real pixelated image. It’s gonna be super sharp and look great. The other advantage of something like this, is it shoots to raw. Just like our RED shoots too raw for video, this shoots to raw for photos, so if you want to get in afterwards and tweak thousand photos to be the exact same type of setting, no problem. You can make that adjustment in post and see it reflected real time on your editing screen.

Ryan: And it can do video as well, correct?

Jeffrey: Yeah, it can. This used to be a little more popular 5-10 years ago when these were the only way you could get what most people refer to as like large sensor video. these were the only ones that actually had that large sensor. Nowadays, with cameras like FS7s, the RED, those are gonna give you that big sensor look with a lot better capability. So, you don’t see these use as much in the field, matter of fact, it’s pretty rare nowadays but it can from time to time. And it definitely does have good video capabilities, it’s a little outclassed by some other video models. But if you were doing a shoot where you need to pop it in to grab one clip, you could certainly do so. And the other beautiful part about doing that with this guy is it’s really small. I mean even compared to our RED, which is super small and can be built for those kind of set ups, this is even smaller. It doesn’t quite have the same video quality as the RED, but if you do need a shot or two, it can do that.

Ryan: And one thing, even though it is photos, that a lot of people think of as videos, that this does really well is time-lapse, right?

Jeffrey: Yeah, exactly. And that is one, when we talk you don’t use that so much for video nowadays these guys, that’s where this absolutely is still used frequently. Reason being, a time-lapse even though it presents itself as a video, is really just a bunch of photos. So, when we do time lapses with this guy we have it set up where we can run this for 8+ hours easily. We can, I mean, we can go up to 48 hours it really doesn’t matter because it’s run off wall power. It’s just limited by the amount of photos you really need in a time lapse and usually you don’t need more than that, so this is great for that. You end up with a time lapse that’s frankly massive. You’ve got 25 megapixel image that you can work with, make it as big or as small as you want and these are perfect for that. And because it’s a photo camera those are all raw as well.

Ryan: Very cool. That’s one of our pieces of gear. That’s why we film these Gear Ups. It’s pretty interesting to know. For more on the gear we’ve got The place to do so. You can also visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more information on that gear and what’s going on. If you just want cute cat photos, I guess, you can follow Jeffery himself on Twitter. I’ll give you a lot of great industry insight as well. But make sure you follow us and the company to find out a whole lot more, but for now that’s been Gear Up.


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