Behind The Scenes: Vegas Golden Knights Intro Video

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Some of our favorite behind the scenes photos from the video shoot we did this past September/October with our friends at the Vegas Golden Knights for their 2017-18 Intro Video. Check them out!

Doing some location scouting for the upcoming shoots.

Looking for the best angles to capture the beauty of this great park.

Capturing some shots at Vegas Forge.

Forging some metal.

Time to cool off the metal.

What a cool place to shoot!

Andrew capturing the action.

Andrew capturing the action.

Andrew capturing the action.

Shooting with our Watchman, at sunset, on the roof of T-Mobile Arena.

Capturing the same shot, at night for a trick shot in the final video.

Andrew capturing shots with our RED camera in Red Rocks Canyon.

How epic of a place to shoot is this??

Can never get too many shots of this beautiful landscape.

Capturing the sunset.

Check out that focus...

Andrew and Jeffrey shooting on the rocks.

Shooting rockside...

Capturing the sun setting over the mountains.

Jeffrey getting a shot of the mountain.

A man and his camera.

Ryan checks out the view from high above.

Our drone taking off.

It's up and flying!

Heading towards the mountains...

Away she goes, into the friendly skies!

Master control.

Our trusty pilot, Andrew.

Andrew keeps an eye on the drone while he and Jeffrey man the controls.

Checking out the beautiful aerial footage.

Our drone gets the best shots!

Talking trajectory...

Our drone returning to earth.

Coming in for a landing.

Making sure the lighting is perfect before working with the players.

Getting a profile shot of Jonathan Marchessault.

The fog machines are in full-effect for this shot of David Perron.

The right mix of fog and lighting makes for a great, dramatic shot.

Andrew capturing a shot of David Perron.

Jeffrey preps Jason Garrison about the shots we're looking to capture.

Andrew, Jeffrey and Jason Garrison.

Jeffrey giving some direction to Vegas Golden Knights Goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury.

Grabbing a few quick shots of Marc-Andre Fleury's helmet before he has to head out to practice.

Our villains in the video begin the long hike up Lone Mountain.

Amanda captures the villains looking out over the city.


We've arrived at a real horse ranch in the middle of the desert!

A perfect day to film some horses!

Andrew planning out his shots.

Capturing some shots of the horses running around.

Look at them go!

Our villains on their horses.

The sun low in the sky made for some great shots.

Getting set to grab some footage of the horses heading out for a run.

Away they go!

The horse go galloping by our crew!

Jeffrey and Andrew getting some beautiful shots of the horses on the run from high above with our drone.

Jeffrey gives some direction our knight performer from the Tournament of Kings Show at Excalibur Hotel & Casino.

Capturing some dolly shots of a battle.

The battle is on!

These guys are good!

Looking in from above as Andrew captures some amazing shots.

Giving direction to our awesome performers for the upcoming scene.

Getting some up-close shots with the performers.

Capturing the battle from all the angles.

What a perfect setting for these shots!

The stage lighting made for some beautifully-lit shots.

Getting incredible footage, all while a crowd looks on!

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