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Blog Post Image Jeffrey Pritt Small Gear Big Difference Part 2 Akron Video Production

Small Gear on Shoots that Makes a Big Difference (Part 2)

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At PEG, we do video shoots. A lot. Like, sometimes 3-5 per week a lot. And often times, due to the nature of our clients, these shoots can be incredibly diverse. We’ve had weeks were we do a corporate interview shoot, a drone-based shoot and a run-and-gun sports shoot back-to-back-to-back. With this experience in mind, […]

Blog Post Featured Image Authentic Emotion vs. Fake Emotion Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Cleveland Video Production

Authentic Emotion Vs Fake Emotion In Videos

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Emotions play an important role in cultivating the bond between the brand of a company and the consumer. Emotions facilitate the messages they want the consumer to feel in order to increase awareness about their company. If the company executes the video well, people will remember their brand. Sometimes, however, if the execution is poor, […]

Jeffrey Pritt and Kevin Hill at 2017 Weatherhead 100 Awards Ceremony Akron Video Prodcution

Pritt Entertainment Group named second fastest-growing Upstart company in NE Ohio at the Weatherhead 100 Awards

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Downtown Akron-based creative agency Pritt Entertainment Group (PEG) was named the second fastest-growing Upstart company in the region at the Weatherhead 100 Awards for the second consecutive year. The Weatherhead 100, presented by the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, celebrates “Northeast Ohio’s spirit of entrepreneurship and recognizes companies that exemplify innovative […]

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