Quiz: What Type of Video Do You Need?

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So, you keep hearing that video is so hot right now and that your company needs to invest in video. Maybe you’ve even started posting some iPhone videos on social media. And now you are ready to invest in a big one, one done by professionals, one you could proudly show clients.

But what kind of video do you make?!

Here are some possibilities to get you thinking and help your team decide the direction to go with your video investment.


Company Overview: These are a great place to start. A company overview video takes your company’s essential elements and history and puts them into a short narrative piece that helps your customers get to know the whole picture. You can include interviews, location shots, and product or service shots. This is a great video to create if your website needs some personality, if your company has a rich history worth telling, or if you want to be more personal and transparent.


Product Showcase: A video showcasing a product can be anything from a commercial to a short website piece for customers to watch before they buy. This is usually a general overview of the product’s assets.


Product Demo: A demo video for one of your products or services will be more in depth than a showcase. A demo can show the product working in multiple areas, include an explanation of its origins, creation, installation, use, and guarantee.


Explainer Video: These are the talk of the town these days. These include funny realistic videos, animated shorts, and a mixture of animation with reality. Explainer videos are especially great if you have a service that involves complex or little known processes. These are especially helpful if you are introducing a new or different way of doing something into an established industry.


Animated Video: Animated videos can be a great way to show some process or service that is complex. This is why many explainer videos these days end up being animated videos. Animated means that the whole thing is created on the computer with graphics and pictures. Because of this, these often require more editing hours and cost more.


Interview Video: This type of video focuses on the human element. Perhaps there is someone who has recently won an award or who’s history involves stories worth telling. There are many reasons to do interview based videos and can be a great way to involve your customers or clients in a sort of conversation with your company.


There are obviously many more types of videos you can choose and many of these can overlap. Hopefully, these short explanations will help you successfully choose the video that will make the most impact for your company or organization!




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  1. what is the suitable video length to grab the readers attention that he would get the proper knowledge without getting bored?

    February 27, 2018
    • Hi Sally! That is a very good question. And one we get here a lot.

      The best answer is that it depends on your target audience and how you plan on using the video. On social media, where people are generally skimming content, usually the shorter the better. Think like 30-60 seconds. Places like YouTube and company website can afford to go a little longer, because odds are the viewer has come to your site on purpose to learn and engage with your content. Here you might go 2-10 minutes.

      It will always vary from video to video, but if the quality is good and the content is relevant, the viewer will stick around.

      February 27, 2018

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