Why Fonts Matter

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A font is “an assortment or set of type or characters all of one style.” The font or type that you choose in your marketing materials actually says a lot about your company and your brand. Your title font, the font in your video, even your email font has a lot to do with how your audience will read your words and how they will view your company before you’ve even had a chance to talk to them face to face.

Here are a few basic thoughts when it comes to fonts. The font’s readability will give a sense of ease to your reader. If it has some sense of script (cursive) to it, there will be an extra amount of effort required from your reader but may give a flourish or fanciness to your communication. From looking at a font, the reader may make immediate assumptions about whether your company is super hip or perhaps vintage-cool if the font is more modern or more traditional, respectively. Or worse, to use negative connotations, they may assume that your company is cold and unfeeling or stuffy and old. You may absolutely love the font “Papyrus” but the connotation of that font for a website or an email tends to be that the company is out of date and out of touch. Its big, its faux-scripty, and it is a pain to read in large quantities. Your first step to establishing a font for your brand is consistency. Generally speaking, one advertisement shouldn’t contain 5 different fonts. Font changes, rather than highlighting various words, will come off as messy and incoherent.

Moral of the story is: fonts matter. Even though it may seem small, a font choice can pack a punch or leave the branding feeling weak. Start looking through all of the forms where your brand touches the public eye. Are the fonts consistent? Have you asked outsiders what they think of your branding? Are the fonts used in your videos the same as the fonts used on your business cards? Give fonts their due. Some pretty talented designers make them for a reason.

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