Recharging Your Creativity

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As a creative person, working for a creative agency can be really weird because, unlike other career paths, it requires you to constantly express yourself in your job. You have to be able to share your creativity across different platforms for a wide range of unique clients. This is my favorite part of my job and it can also be the most creatively exhausting. I believe that with every project I have ever worked on, there are traces of my past experiences, tastes, and inspiration; whether I notice them or not. I also believe that creativity is nothing more than taking our inspirations, whatever they may be, and passing them through our own filter and using them in different ways.

When you work for a creative agency, I would argue that you are always working because either you are being inspired by something that you will use later on in your career or you are using past inspirations to create something new.

Recently, I decided to take a day off from transforming my inspirations into projects to discover new inspirations and recharge my creativity. I am writing this while I lay in the grass at Cleveland’s new Public Square. It is a beautiful park that is surrounded by some of Cleveland’s tallest and most historic buildings. I went to Walnut Wednesday for lunch where I saw more than 20 different local food trucks, all with different menus, logos, and color schemes. During lunch I talked to an old friend from college who works for the state. In between all of this I walked 5 miles around the city and saw countless buildings, cars, and people. All of these things inspire me in some way and will allow me to continue to be creative, but what makes it so interesting is I have no idea how I will use this new inspiration until I am called upon to be creative.

Recharging your creativity as a creative person is paramount to staying fresh and making good work. As I’ve written about before, I find movies to be a great source of inspiration. I know that when I watch a movie, whether I enjoy the film or not, some part of the visuals, technicals, or ideas in there will stay with me and influence choices I make in my own creative work, whether it be a video shoot for a corporate client or a flashy graphic for a sports client. Finding the things that will recharge your creativity will allow your favorite part of your job not to become the most exhausting part of your job.

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