Sidewalk Stage in Downtown Akron

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Summer is upon us and a grand season of Sidewalk Stage is back! We are pleased to be the presenting sponsor for the fabulous Sidewalk Stage again this year with Downtown Akron Partnership. Sidewalk Stage is an impromptu concert that pops up in different places around downtown Akron. The stage appears around lunch time for people in downtown and is a chance to bring the community together and showcase our local talent. The Downtown Akron Partnership lined up an incredible schedule of musicians for these stages this season, from classical to pop. You can be surprised and find them as you explore at lunch time or you can look up the locations for each week’s concert on Downtown Akron Partnership’s website.  “We thought this was a special opportunity to help enhance the atmosphere downtown. There are so many great restaurants for people who work downtown to go to during the week, and this is a way to not only showcase some great music, but also make that walk to and from those restaurants a fun experience as well,” says Ryan, our president and Akron native.

Cities bigger than Akron often have buskers and other live music all around the streets, making for a vibrant walk around town. The Sidewalk Stage is a chance for Akron to join in that vibrancy and let people who may not usually attend local shows get interested in some local groups. “As a performer,” says our very own producer, Amanda Ake (August 25th’s performer), “this event holds the excitement of busking, playing music for people you may not usually play for, but on a stage with an amp and in awesome places around town. Plus any chance to get to be outside during the workday is great.”

You can find out more about music in Akron this summer from this article. Enjoy the time outside this summer!

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