The Irony of Simplicity

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Simplicity is, ironically, a complex idea. We live in a world of busy-ness where we have overflowing to-do lists, ads popping out at us and calling for attention, and multiple platforms for communication that all pull at our time. In media, marketing, and branding, attention-grabbing simplicity is a beautiful thing and something that requires skill. It is not merely less. Plain old less can be bland and forgettable.

A sense of calm and clarity comes with well-done simplicity, something that perfectly contrasts the busyness around us. But we’ve seen that simplicity can look very different from industry to industry, from brand to brand. For us and for our clients, understanding the subtle differences and striking the cords that resonate within a specific industry is crucial to standing out from the crowd. Especially when it comes to attracting the boomers along with the millennials, cluttered communication will be ignored faster than a New Year’s resolution in February.

Simplicity done well can take away that edge of pushiness that customers or clients often feel from businesses and nonprofits. Simplicity in advertising can tell your customer or client that you have nothing to hide and that you aren’t ballooning reality. It can give a sense of authenticity to your product or service. Customers are getting smarter and have no patience for cutting through excess.

Boil your message down to a simple statement and go from there. You want people to be able to process your message and remember it. Simplicity is the tool that makes that possible.

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