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Narrative is a crucial aspect of making a great video. There must be a beginning. A middle. And an end.

Your attention span at your great aunt Mildred ‘s house (while she talks about her cat, her best friend, and the terrible neighbor kids who used to live there 20 years ago) will probably be quite short. But then there is the intrepid storyteller who begins a tale and you just have to know what happens next. What is the difference? Narrative.

Narrative is an “account of connected events.” Focus in on that word “connect.” Narrative is human-to-human contact. Narrative can be applied to more than your typical fiction story. That English class vocabulary word that can make or break your next video. While you may know the connection point between various topics you want to cover in a video or advertisement, it is crucial that the video itself tell the story and connect to the audience watching it. That is part of what keeps your viewer engaged. Narrative (or story) is what allows your viewers, your employees, and your potential clients, to follow your thought process and engage in what you are trying to communicate. This can be achieved through visuals, script, and sound. Great media covers narrative in all three realms.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more links about narrative from this week’s theme! Also, watch this short commercial for a great example of story! It establishes a narrative with a beginning, middle, end in a very short amount of time.

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