Six Essentials in Project Management

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Today’s post is about my favorite topic: GSD. GSD stands for Get Stuff Done…although a different ‘s’ word may be substituted if that’s your jam. I love to make To Do lists and I love crossing things off, whether on paper, my iPhone, or Evernote. Being a project manager sounds so stagnant but really, its all about action. Being a project manager really means being an enabler (maybe I should change my business cards…). In order to enable, whether it is our clients or our creative team, I’ve got to GSD all day.

But there are pitfalls in a blind action-oriented GSD mentality so it’s important to be reminded of these 6 essentials:

1. Like a great novel or a short story, all projects have a beginning, middle, and end. Give each part its due.
2. Having and sharing a clear vision of the project’s goals (especially the client’s brand) is crucial for all involved.
3. Planning does not just happen once; it is a constant (whether foreground or background) through out the life of the project.
4. Know when to ease up the planning and start acting.
5. In weighing the pros and cons of a project, remember that not all benefits are monetary and not all costs are monetary.
6. Be adaptable.

So, go GSD!

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