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Our contributor to this week’s “PEG: In A Word” series is Sarah D’Alessandro, our project manager and social media guru. With a background in the arts and English, Sarah chose a vocabulary lesson along with her PEG work description. She says that the one word to describe her work is multifarious.

“I’m using my PEG-in-a-word turn to do a vocabulary lesson for everyone! Multifarious is a grrrreat word. Just say it a couple times. So mouth-full. Multifarious means, according to Merriam-Webster, “of many and various kinds.” My days at work take many forms. From creative problem solving graphics perfectly fitting into a client’s brand campaign to getting huge fake money printed to interviews with CEOs, I never know what an email or a voice calling “Saarraaaah” may mean. But of the multifarious (vocab nerd note: use the word in order to remember it) items in my day, I think my favorite parts include going through the early creative stages of concepts for videos and meeting new people.”

Sarah loves variety and PEG’s work in corporate and sports definitely gives her that variety. Not only that, but we’ve seen that this unique combination gives PEG that edge of creativity in the industry, being able to cross-train, in a sense. Thanks for your work, Sarah!

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