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Let’s get to it. The Super Bowl, while a good game, left much to be desired in terms of commercials. Not only did they preview commercials before the game (ruining the element of surprise and need to watch the game to see the commercials), there wasn’t one commercial (or even a top three) that had everyone sold. In thinking about video marketing, lets talk about a few of the commercials.

Budweiser took their clydesdales from the usual endearing story to an opportunity to vehemently set themselves apart from the craft beer/home brew movement. Axe tried to one-up the pro-man Dove Care commercial from last year but was unsuccessful. In fact, we lacked a lot of the feel-good or story based commercials that we’ve seen before. We had a plethora of movie trailers and movie based commercials as well as mildly funny movie star appearances and animal-centric commercials (Honda’s singing sheep and the stampede of hot dogs and, dare I mention it, Puppy Monkey Baby…). I found the Colgate call to use less water and the Budweiser call to drive sober (and even Bud’s call for us to all find commonalities in the midst of this political season in their Amy Schumer/Seth Rogen ad) to be quite sincere but do you think Helen Mirren actually drinks Bud? Hashtags were also in abundance. So go look them up, I guess?

I was intrigued by the Inuit Quickbooks commercial for a small business, Death Wish Coffee Co., and the defy labels commercial from BMW Mini. I liked the idea behind them. Jeep’s commercials were pretty cool; I liked seeing a very different kind of car commercial. The pharmaceutical commercials still leave me wondering why we are one of the only countries that has ads on TV for drugs no matter how clever they are. But my favorite commercial might be solely because of my love of all older British actresses, whether they drink the beer they are advertising or not. Thats right. Helen Mirren’s Budweiser sponsored #GiveADamn commercial. Simply shot, straight forward, and well written.

Friends at PEG, what do you think?

Josh: I’m going with the Bud Light Party commercial. I loved the political campaign twist and they chose the perfect pair of comedians to deliver their script. It was funny, and it felt so simple! While in reality there was a lot going on, and I can imagine putting this together took quite awhile. I loved it. My runner up goes to T-Mobile with their Steve Harvey commercial. I would have given it the win if they hadn’t aired such similar commercials leading up to the SuperBowl. It is a pet-peeve of mine to reveal commercials before the actual event. So Bud Light Party for the win.

Andrew: I didn’t really think there was one commercial that really stood out above the rest. Of course there were the commercials that stood out for all of the wrong reason, i.e., puppymonkeybaby, Rocket Mortgage, Super Bowl Babies, and ultrasound Dorito’s commercial that will haunt my dreams for all eternity. So I am going to select Turkish Airlines for their Gotham/Metropolis commercials that ran back to back after the Super Bowl. City promotion videos are very popular right now and Turkish Airlines tapped into that market at the right time. I think a lot of videos made reference to things that feel very dated and over played, referencing Steve Harvey, the infamous dress, and every aspect of the “Bigger Than…” commercial from Taco Bell. The heart of the Turkish Airlines commercial is obviously the pitch for the new Batman vs. Superman movie. I thought the commercial had a lot of charm, a great overall look, and succeeded in selling me on the idea that the only true way I will be visiting these two cities is by seeing the movie, where I am sure there will be another tie-in with Turkish Airlines.

Jeffrey: My favorite was probably the T-Mobile one featuring Steve Harvey. It directly addressed a major claim by competitor and nearly perfectly mimicked their style. It also addressed a recent pop culture occurrence (Steve making the mistake at Miss Universe), and it was funny, always a key selling point of a Super Bowl commercial. Through all of that, the parody commercial also made it’s point for T-Mobile clear: that their network is in-fact much better than the Verizon commercial claimed.

You can watch all of the commercials here.

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