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Oscar Predictions

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It is Oscar week! So many people get into the exhilaration of the red carpet, the gowns, the people nominated for best actor, actress, director… But we get excited about the technical ones! We teamed up with our very own Andrew Nalette and the executive director at The Nightlight Cinema, Kurtiss Hare, to predict and explain picks for the top categories as well as those lesser understood, technical categories.

Addy Awards Reflections

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PEG went on a team outing on Friday night to the gorgeous Akron Civic Theatre to the American Advertising Federation Awards. In our industry, these are fondly called The Addy Awards. This was my first time to the Addy's and I was curious to see the other companies nominated and the pieces that survived the judges' picking.

PEG Super Bowl Commercial Picks

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Let's get to it. The Super Bowl, while a good game, left much to be desired in terms of commercials. Not only did they preview commercials before the game (ruining the element of surprise and need to watch the game to see the commercials), there wasn't one commercial (or even a top three) that had everyone sold. In thinking about video marketing, lets talk about a few of the commercials.

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