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Amanda describes her work at PEG as “Eclectic.”

Our contributor to this week’s “PEG: In A Word” series is Amanda Ake. Amanda is one of our wonderful Producers at PEG. She loves horses and music, but maybe not horses singing? We’ll ask her next time. Amanda says that the one word to describe her work is eclectic.

“What’s cool about what we do at PEG is that it’s never the same thing twice. In one week I could be making fun and lighthearted graphics for a sports team, then turn around and make some modern and clean graphics for another one. I could be working on a very streamlined corporate video project, and then work on a super artistic flowing piece with no real guidelines. Often, I have to follow storyboards for corporate animations so they get exactly what they want, but then I also make things up off the top of my head for a lot of the sports animations that I create. I love having the opportunity to be creative in so many different ways, with so many different outlets. It never gets old!”

Thanks Amanda! It is important to keep your work and your attitude fresh. Having your work change is a great way to do that. What are ways that you stay inspired?

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