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Watching the creative team do their thing

So, I’m new here at PEG. I have the distinct pleasure of working with people who create on a daily basis. If you’ve ever worked with a roomful of creatives, you know that the room can be silent with focus, exploding with creative banter, or calm with concentrated critique. Sometimes the creative team’s conversations with each other sound like a foreign language as they discuss the technical aspects of the job. I watch them navigate their screens full of various windows and am amazed by the speed with which they move. The mouse and the programs they use have become second nature. My background in visual art allows me a glimpse of understanding and an opportunity to take part as they discuss composition and visual best practices.

Part of the creative team’s job is to make animations and video look effortless. In my first couple of days here, I watched clip after clip of their work, enjoying the graphics, the emotion, the magic quality of the animations. Then I got to sit and watch them work. The magic is anything but effortless. Every millisecond is given proper attention and every detail on the screen is analyzed. I’m impressed seeing the work that goes into creating these incredible pieces they produce and I’m thrilled to be a part of the projects we take on, knowing the incredible quality we offer.

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