The Grammys: Where Less Is More

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So the 56th annual Grammys aired on Sunday and as a die-hard music fan I was looking forward to it. As always, there were the over the top performances that we expect every year.  Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar did an awesome mash up of Radioactive and m.A.A.d. city with their drum solos and crazy fast rapping. P!nk did her typical but still damn impressive acrobat circus thing where she dangled over the audience from a rope and still managed to sing better than most people when they’re standing up straight. Katy Perry played dress up and pole danced on a witch’s broom.

There were so many entertaining and over the top performances. But, do you know which ones stand out the most in my memory? The simple ones. I understand that when you’re a musical artist your job is to entertain people. You need to hit that stage with the fans clapping, and when you leave it their mouths need to be on the floor. But in my opinion, simple is better. Simple shows talent.

Beyoncé kicked off the show with nothing but her voice and a chair. No crazy choreography or pyrotechnics. Her voice is so out of this world that she doesn’t need anything else. I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but even I appreciated her emotional head banging performance of “All Too Well”. When she looked into the camera you could see in her eyes that she meant every single word that was coming out of her mouth. And Lorde took an already bare bones song and stripped it down even more with her performance of “Royals”. She rocked that song with her haunting voice….and her awkward dancing.

We’re so used to being wowed and surprised that we’ve come to expect it from award shows and concerts. As it turns out, the most shocking thing someone can do now is stand in the middle of a stage with nothing to hide behind. That’s real talent to me. The music, the melody and the lyrics speak for themselves. And isn’t that what we fell in love with in the first place?

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