Gearing Up with the Jib

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Hey internet world.  This is Jeffrey checking in for the first time on PEG Insider. You’ll see me chime in occasionally on here, usually for posts about the technical side of the industry.

Today, we launched the newest episode of Gear Up with PEG. It’s a monthly feature that you may have seen here on our site. Look for a new episode each month. Usually I am helping shoot them, so you won’t see me appear on-camera very often (not that I mind that), but I’m usually in the background.

What I can do is help explain to you what each piece of gear does and tell you how it can add to your shoot. We’ll show examples in each video as well. This month we focused on one of my favorite pieces of gear, our portable jib.

For this shoot in particular, we were using a Kessler Crane Portable Jib with a Manfrotto Fluid Head. As for the cameras, we used a Sony FS700 for the segment filming and a Canon 5D Mark II for the jib examples, both with L-Series Lens. The lens choice came from our experience with motion capture gear. Simply put, high-end wide-angle lenses look great on fluid motion rigs. They help open up the space with their wide perspective and help smooth out any little bumps and shake. We also did some stabilization work in post to really make the motion parts nice and steady.

Check out the video below for some fancy visuals…

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